Vn8.4 GA4.0 Release Candidate: RC6.2


This page documents the vn8.4 GA4.0 release candidate RC6.2 (xkjgj on MONSooN and x???? on ARCHER). This job has been developed and run by Luke Abraham.

This job is a development of Release Candidate RC6.0.

Suitability for Release

Tropospheric Chemistry
Stratospheric Chemistry Users should note the low stratospheric NOy.
Tropospheric Aerosol
Stratospheric Aerosol


Release candidate still under evaluation
Release candidate not scientifically suitable to be released
Release candidate is suitable for development jobs,
and may be scientifically suitable to be released for some applications
Release candidate scientifically suitable to be released
Release candidate does not consider the required chemistry or aerosol processes


MONSooN job xkjgj ARCHER job x????
UKCA branch used fcm:um_br/pkg/Config/vn8.4_UKCA@16827 fcm:um_br/pkg/Config/vn8.4_UKCA@16827
Decomposition 12EW x 16NS on 6 nodes (see below) 12EW x 12NS on 12 nodes (see below)
Run-time (per model month) ~2 hours (see below) ~2 hours (see below)
Job-step (recommended) 1 model month in 10800 seconds (3 hours) 3 model months in 28800 seconds (8 hours)
Cost (per model year) 150 node-hours (see below) 115 kAU (see below)
Storage Requirements
(current STASH settings)
110GB per model year (32-bit pp-files & seasonal 64-bit dumps)
MOOSE costs: £12.01 per model year
110GB per model year (32-bit pp-files & seasonal 64-bit dumps) copied to the /nerc disk as the model runs,
using the branch fcm:um_br/dev/luke/vn8.4_hector_monsoon_archiving_ff2pp/src as a central script modification.


Base Model (MONSooN)

The base atmosphere model used here is the GA4.0 configuration. More information on GA4.0 development can be found on Global Atmosphere 4.0/Global Land 4.0 documentation pages (password required). A GMD paper documenting this model is also available.

The configuration is based on the Met Office job anenj (via MONSooN job xhmaj) which is derived from amche (the standard GA4.0 N96L85 interactive dust model) via

amche (base GA4.0 job) owned by Dan Copsey
  akwxo (UKCA turned on) owned by Mohit Dalvi
   aneni owned by Colin Johnson (primary field advection changed to 373 from 363)
     xhmaj owned by Mohit Dalvi
      xjcib (HOx recycling added) owned by Luke Abraham
       xjcie (some reaction rates updated)
        xjcih (O3 now interactive with radiation scheme)
         xjcim (made TS2000 - see Initial conditions and forcing)
           xjlla (UKCA Tutorials base job; some branch consolidation) owned by Luke Abraham
            xkawa (package branch used, containing various bugfixes and additions) owned by Luke Abraham
             xkawf (further changes as described above)
              xkjgf (testing for polar-row fix)
               xkjgg (testing code for polar-row fix)
                xkjgh (testing code for polar-row fix + old start dump without problems)
                 xkjgj (set-up for 15-year spin-up run. Tracer initial conditions from xkaxr owned by Graham Mann (RC6.1))

For more information on these jobs and the UKCA release cycle, please see the the developing releases page.

Results (MONSooN)


All results from this run were saved to MOOSE, and can be found at moose:/crum/xkjgj. As well as the standard pp-output, monthly, seasonal, and annual supermeans were created from the last 5 years and are also available in the am5.pp directory.

Running the command moo ls -l moose:/crum/xkjgj gives

C colin.johnson              69.62 GBP     643249774592 2014-11-10 11:00:16 GMT moose:/crum/xkjgj/ada.file
C colin.johnson               3.09 GBP      28512510160 2014-11-10 11:49:41 GMT moose:/crum/xkjgj/am5.pp
C colin.johnson              31.16 GBP     287938236800 2014-11-10 10:48:42 GMT moose:/crum/xkjgj/apa.pp
C colin.johnson              37.79 GBP     349184896000 2014-11-10 10:49:05 GMT moose:/crum/xkjgj/apb.pp
C colin.johnson              31.85 GBP     294272933248 2014-11-10 10:00:45 GMT moose:/crum/xkjgj/apm.pp
C colin.johnson              10.56 GBP      97570256432 2014-11-10 10:03:16 GMT moose:/crum/xkjgj/aps.pp
C colin.johnson               2.60 GBP      24005342704 2014-11-07 20:02:56 GMT moose:/crum/xkjgj/apy.pp

Further information on how to use MOOSE can be found on the collaboration twiki.

Note: If you take a copy of this job and run it, you must first manually make the MOOSE set to hold the data in the archive. This is done by

 moo mkset --project-owner=project-YOUR_MONSooN_PROJECT -v moose:/crum/jobid

For instance, if you were in the UKCA project you would have --project-owner=project-ukca. This can be done after the job has started running. The archiving intelligently knows which files need archiving through the use of files named The files also control the deleting of files and dumps once they have been archived or are no longer needed. If, for some reason, the files cannot be archived (e.g. MOOSE is down or the set has not yet been made) then the files will not be deleted. They will continue being generated and existing on the /projects disk until they can be archived.

You should not need to do anything with the fieldsfiles until the whole simulation has been completed (in this case, the whole 15-years). When it does you will find that, while the climate mean files and dumps have been archived, the last files in the e.g. *.pa* or *.pb* streams etc will not have been. You will need to archive these manually by, e.g.

moo put -f -vv -c=umpp jobida.pzYYYYmmm moose:/crum/jobid/apz.pp/jobida.pzYYYYmmm.pp

Where the -c=umpp converts the files from 64-bit fieldsfiles to 32-bit pp-files. Remember to put the .pp at the end of the name of the file in the set on MOOSE.

Evaluation Suite Output (MONSooN)

This job was run for 15 years, and had to be initialised using a new start-dump due to the problems with the polar rows found in RC6.0. The tracer fields were initialised from output from Graham Mann's RC6.1 job xkaxr, taken from the 10-year September dump.

A set of standard results from a mean of the last 5 years of the 15-year run, as well as from each of the last 5 of the 15 years can be found in the following documents.

These were generated from the UKCA Evaluation Suite available on the MONSooN post-processor.

Mean over the last 5-years of simulation

Results from individual years

Lightning NOx

The average annual Lightning NOx emitted is 4.04299 Tg(N)/year over the the last 5 years of the 15-year simulation.

The lightning NOx emitted in each of the last 5 individual years of the run is:

  • year 11 3.97454 Tg(N)/year
  • year 12 4.08936 Tg(N)/year
  • year 13 4.04931 Tg(N)/year
  • year 14 4.02877 Tg(N)/year
  • year 15 4.07296 Tg(N)/year

Aerosol Optical Depth

Jane Mulcahy has kindly provided evaluations of aerosol optical depth from the 5-year supermeans:

Aerosol Evaluation

Graham Mann has kindly provided further aerosol evaluation: