About UKCA


What is UKCA?

UKCA is a joint NCAS–Met Office programme funded by NCAS, GMR and DEFRA for three years. Project partners are the Hadley Centre and the Universities of Cambridge, Leeds and Reading.

Why do we need UKCA?

  • Scope of current chemistry and aerosol models is insufficient for Earth System modelling.
  • NCAS expertise is required to improve climate models.
  • To encourage wider community research in this area.

Objective of UKCA

To build and scientifically evaluate a new UK community atmospheric chemistry-aerosol global model suitable for a range of topics in climate and environmental change research.

Science targets in UKCA

  • Coupled tropospheric-stratospheric chemistry–climate model
  • Coupled aerosol-chemistry model
  • Improvements to Aerosol modelling
  • Internally mixed aerosol
  • New aerosol species

More information

Media:UKCA_Aerosols_2013_UM_tutorial.pdf - an overview of aerosol modelling in the UM in general and UKCA in particular. Presented at UM User tutorial 2013. Nick Savage