UKCA Chemistry and Aerosol Tutorials at vn10.9


UKCA Chemistry and Aerosol Tutorials at vn10.9 using Rose & Cylc

The following tutorials will teach you how to use various aspects of UKCA, and the parts of Rose (the Unified Model's python-based user interface) that are specific to UKCA.

General use of the Rose and UKCA:

  1. Running existing UKCA Suite
  2. Exploring Rose
  3. What is STASH?
  4. Adding new chemical tracers
  5. Adding new emissions
  6. Adding new chemical reactions
  7. Adding dry deposition of chemical species
  8. Adding wet deposition of chemical species
  9. Adding new UKCA chemical diagnostics
  10. Examining Aerosol Impacts
  11. Worked Example: Developing a change for submission to the trunk

When you have finished these tutorials you may want to look in detail at one of the available GA7.1 StratTrop suites.

  • An example vn11.2 suite, configured for manual compile with a 1-day run can be found at u-be079. Some output can be found in the UPK stream.
    • Please make your required changes to run under suite conf Host Machine Archer

You may also wish to try using the UKCA Evaluation Suite. Note that you can copy a set of example files and use the --eval_only option to save time.

These tutorials are an update and expansion of the tutorials which were at UM8.2, UM8.4, and UM10.4.

This tutorial has been funded by the NERC Advanced Training: Short Courses award scheme and the ACITES Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling Network.

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Written by Luke Abraham 2018