Unprotected Options

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Table of unprotected (by rose-stem) logical options

Alan opened UM:#6203 to make a note of unprotected (by rose-stem) UKCA options. However, this is probably a better place as it can be discussed and linked to from the UKCA code management agenda/minutes pages.

# Logical Set as True Set as False Remarks Owner (if further action required)
1 l_ukca_ddepo3_ocean No Yes
2 l_ukca_debug_asad No No
3 l_ukca_dust Yes Yes Protected after UM:#6032
4 l_ukca_inferno_ch4 No Yes
5 l_ukca_primdu Yes No (True) Protected after UM:#6032
6 l_ukca_qch4inter No Yes
7 l_ukca_radf11 No Yes
8 l_ukca_radf113 No Yes
9 l_ukca_radf12 No Yes
10 l_ukca_radf22 No Yes
11 l_ukca_scale_seadms_ems No Yes
12 l_ukca_sfix Yes Yes Protected after UM:#6032
13 l_ukca_so2ems_expvolc Yes Yes Protected after UM:#6032
14 l_ukca_tune_bc Yes Yes Protected after UM:#6032
15 l_bcoc_bf Yes No
16 l_bcoc_bm Yes No
17 l_bcoc_ff Yes No
18 l_mode_bhn_on Yes No
19 l_ukca_ageair Yes No
20 l_ukca_aie1 Yes No
21 l_ukca_aie2 Yes No
22 l_ukca_coarse_no3_prod Yes No
23 l_ukca_fine_no3_prod Yes No
24 l_ukca_h2o_feedback Yes No
25 l_ukca_het_psc Yes No
26 l_ukca_intdd Yes No
27 l_ukca_limit_nat Yes No
28 l_ukca_mode Yes No
29 l_ukca_primbcoc Yes No
30 l_ukca_primss Yes No
31 l_ukca_primsu Yes No
32 l_ukca_radaer_sustrat Yes No
33 l_ukca_sa_clim Yes No
34 l_ukca_scale_soa_yield Yes No
35 l_ukca_set_trace_gases Yes No