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As UKCA is developed in a community manner, it is important that we have shared working practices. The UKCA code developed at multiples sites needs to be combined and also brought into the master Met Office version. To do this in a timely manner, we have developed some code management guidelines and appointed experts in each subsection of UKCA. If you want to develop some new code, we encourage you to talk to the expert in the part of the code you will be developing. They will be able to offer some advice and help co-ordinate new scientific advances so that where possible we avoid developing exactly the same thing several times.


The initial version of the code management guidelines are here:

Note that these are provisional until we have a clear decision on where the Trac system we plan to use will be installed.

Subsection experts

  • GLOMAP-mode - Graham Mann
  • Core code (ukca_chemistry_ctl , ukca_d1_defs etc) - Colin Johnson
  • RADAER and greenhouse gas data flow to radiation code - Nicolas Bellouin
  • Wet deposition - Colin Johnson
  • Dry deposition - Gerd Folberth
  • Lower BC and emissions - Mohit Dalvi
  • Photolysis - Paul Telford
  • ASAD - Luke Abraham
  • RAQ chemistry - Nick Savage
  • ExtTC - Gerd Folberth
  • Top boundary conditions - Alex Archibald
  • TropIsop (aka CheT) - Alex Archibald
  • Standard tropospheric chemistry (includes transform_halogen) - Alex Archibald
  • Chemistry: Stratospheric-Tropospheric (CheST) - Alex Archibald
  • Stratospheric chemistry - Luke Abraham
  • Heterogeneous chemistry - Colin Johnson
  • Aerosol chemistry - Colin Johnson

Code management group

The current members of the code management group are:

  • Met Office
    • Nick Savage (convenor of group)
    • Colin Johnson
    • Mohit Dalvi
  • Cambridge
    • Luke Abraham
    • Alex Archibald
  • Leeds
    • Graham Mann
    • Sandip Dhomse
  • Oxford
    • Zak Kipling
  • Code management group minutes