UKCA Chemistry and Aerosol Tutorials at vn11.8

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UKCA Chemistry and Aerosol Tutorials at vn11.8 using Rose & Cylc

The following tutorials will teach you how to use various aspects of UKCA, and the parts of Rose (the Unified Model's python-based user interface) that are specific to UKCA.

Please work through the UKCA Tutorials below at your own pace. They should take between 14 and 21 hours to complete, but don't worry if you take more or less time than this.

# Difficulty Time to Complete Topic Video
1 EASY Under 1 hour Running an existing UKCA Suite Overview: Tutorial 1
2 EASY Under 1 hour Exploring Rose Overview: Tutorial 2
3 EASY Under 1 hour What is STASH? Overview: Tutorial 3
4 HARD 2 or more hours Adding new chemical tracers Overview: Tutorial 4
5 HARD 2 or more hours Adding new emissions Overview: Tutorial 5
6 MEDIUM 1-2 hours Adding new chemical reactions Overview: Tutorial 6
7 MEDIUM 1-2 hours Adding dry deposition of chemical species Overview: Tutorial 7
8 EASY Under 1 hour Adding wet deposition of chemical species Overview: Tutorial 8
9 HARD 2 or more hours Adding new UKCA chemical diagnostics Overview: Tutorial 9
10 HARD 2 or more hours Examining Aerosol Impacts Overview: Tutorial 10

Video Presentations

Presenter Title
Luke Abraham Background and overview for the UKCA Tutorials at UMvn11.8
Luke Abraham UKCA Tutorials UMvn11.8
Luke Abraham Using X2Go for the UKCA Tutorials
Alex Archibald UKCA Training 2021: Alex Archibald - Overview of UKCA
Scott Archer-Nicholls UKCA Training 2021: Scott Archer-Nicholls - Implementing CRI in UKCA

These tutorials are an update and expansion of the tutorials which were at UM8.2, UM8.4, UM10.4, and UM10.9.

These tutorials have been funded by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, the NERC Advanced Training: Short Courses award scheme, and the ACITES Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling Network. Many thanks to JASMIN for use of the Unmanaged Cloud.

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Written by Luke Abraham 2020