Subsections and owners

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Given the size and complexity of UKCA it is not possible for anyone person to be an expert in every part of the code. We have therfore nominated experts for each subsection of the code. These people act as a first point of contact for people considering modifying the code and the code owner will check if the subsection experts are happy with the code as part of the lodging process.

  • GLOMAP-mode - Graham Mann
  • Core code (ukca_chemistry_ctl , ukca_d1_defs etc) - Colin Johnson
  • RADAER and greenhouse gas data flow to radiation code - Nicolas Bellouin
  • Wet deposition - Colin Johnson
  • Dry deposition - Gerd Folberth
  • Lower BC and emissions - Mohit Dalvi
  • Photolysis - Paul Telford
  • ASAD - Luke Abraham
  • RAQ chemistry - Nick Savage
  • ExtTC - Gerd Folberth
  • Top boundary conditions - Alex Archibald
  • TropIsop (aka CheT) - Alex Archibald
  • Standard tropospheric chemistry - Alex Archibald
  • Chemistry: Stratospheric-Tropospheric (aka CheST) - Alex Archibald
  • Stratospheric chemistry (includes transform_halogen) - Luke Abraham
  • Heterogeneous chemistry - Colin Johnson
  • Aerosol chemistry - Colin Johnson