Rose-UKCA suites

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Rose UKCA suites on MONsooN

This page describes the Rose suites with UKCA that are installed on MONsooN


Account for the PUMA Rose repository and access to the MONSooN HPC system. Basic knowledge about Rose and its usage with UM.

For the initial Rose setup and instructions on using Rose on MONSooN, see this page (requires Collaboration Twiki login).

UM10.2 =

puma-aa237: This is an UKCA StratTrop/CheST Chemistry +GLOMAP suite at N96L85 resolution. The suite is derived from the UM Global Atmosphere development suite mi-ah615, but using the StraTrop or CheST scheme instead of Offline oxidants.

UM10.3 =

puma-aa262: This is a test suite based on the UKCA configurations in the UM trunk