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UKCA Science Management Group

  • Alexander Archibald (Chair of SMG; Univ. Cambridge & NCAS)
  • Anthony Jones (Co-Chair Aerosol WG, Met Office)
  • Luke Abraham (Co-Chair Code Management WG, NCAS)
  • Alan Hewitt (Co-Chair Code Management WG, Met Office)
  • Gerd Folberth (Co-Chair Chemistry WG, Met Office)
  • Paul Griffiths (Co-Chair Model Evaluation WG, NCAS)
  • Fiona O’Connor (Co-Chair Configuration WG, Met Office)
  • Jane Muclhay (UKESM1 Rep)
  • Olaf Morgenstern (External representative, NIWA)

Former members gratefully thanked for their service:

  • Adrian Hill (ECMWF)
  • Philip Steer (Univ. of Oxford)
  • Ken Carslaw (Univ. Of Leeds)
  • Colin Johnson (Met Office)
  • John Pyle (Univ. Cambridge & NCAS)


NCAS-CMS UKCA Support Officer

  • Luke Abraham

Met Office

  • Mohit Dalvi