Minutes of the code management group meeting 16/09/2014

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UKCA Code Management Meeting, 16 Sep 2014 (tele-conference)

Met Office: Nick Savage (NS), Mohit Dalvi (MD), Colin Johnson(CJ), Fiona O'Connor (FC), Jane Mulcahy (JM)
Leeds: Graham Mann (GM)

Cambridge: Luke Abraham (LA), Alex Archibald (AA)
Oxford: Zak Kipling (ZK)
Leeds: Sandip Dhomse (SD)

Actions from this Meeting

  • NS to circulate to all those with access to the mailbox information on how to access ukca_bugs emails through Outlook.
  • ALL. Communicate any foreseen UKCA improvements to FOC before next Code Mgmt meeting
  • JM to check whether settings, branches in vn8.4 Release candidate are consistent with GA6/7 assessment job and also attempt tuning of SO2 scavenging parameters.
  • NS/LA. Add standing agenda item on Bug Reporting.
  • NS to email Nicolas B. regarding participation in CMG meetings/ process.
  • NS. Create doodle poll for next meeting

Actions Carried forward from Last Meeting

  • CJ to circulate plots of radical concentrations in stratosphere showing odd banded structure, including version with different photolysis scheme options. Ongoing.
  • CJ to email LA re problems with SO2 diagnostics for emissions. Issues related to using ASAD diagnostics package Ongoing
  • CJ to open ticket and start work on resolving inconsistencies in aerosol chemistry schemes. (unused tracers-CS2, missing chemistry in CHEST, above diagnostics) Ongoing
  • GM check 8.4 versus 7.3 GLOMAP-mode code and report any bug fixes to Mohit. Ongoing

Agenda Items

Status of release job

Details of Release Candidate are available here
Based on the evaluation of results it was felt job is not yet fit-for-purpose with respect to aerosols/ AOD and some tunings e.g. EPS values, SO2 scavenging should be assessed.
Status to be re-assessed at next CMG.
CJ suggested enchancing the documentation to list the major science/ technical settings and possibility of comparing these with the previous (VN7.3) release jobs.

Bug Reporting

Strategy document on UKCA bugs management is available here.
Process to be followed involves user emailing ukca_bugs@metoffice.gov.uk with details; one of the recipients to populate the table and CMG to review status at each meeting.

Additional invitees

While there is a need to expand the developer-representation at the CMG forum, it was decided -in the first instance- to invite persons that are or can be actively involved in contributing to the UKCA codebase. This process will start with Reading, Mark Richardson at Leeds and then extended to others e.g. Imperial, Uni Edinburgh, CSIRO.
The possibility of keeping the core CMG limited but seeking user/ developer inputs before each meeting was also considered.

UM9.2 update

Code freeze deadline is 3rd October.
UKCA related Tickets lodged/ Code Review so far:

* 6114 Improved aerosol scavenging processes in GLOMAP-Mode 
* 6376 Fix mismatch in levels for non-transported UKCA prognostics 	
* 6443 Fast-JX fails if .NOT. L_PC2 and .NOT. l_3d_cca 	

UKCA related Tickets expected to be lodged by deadline :

* 5503 Pipework to deliver bVOC emissions from JULES to UKCA 	
* 5632 Add convective scavenging to 6A convection scheme 	
* 5755 UKCA aerosol sedimentation speed limit 	 	
* 5900 Calculate section 34 diagnostics on pressure levels 	
* 5980 Clear-sky relative humidity in AOD diagnostics for GLOMAP-mode 	
* 6009 Tuning of biomass burning emissions and secondary organic aerosol production 	
* 6208 Provide backward-Euler solver for offline oxidants chemistry 	
* 6238 Enable Age-of-air tracer with Offline Chemistry. 	
* 6330 Rationalise the application of Priestley conservation to CLASSIC and UKCA tracers 
* 6429 Bug fix for OC emissions from biomass burning 	

Date of next meeting

NS to send Doodle poll for a likely date - late November/ early December