Meetings/UKESM UKCA science advances 2021

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The UKCA Science Management Group, headed by Alex Archibald, and the UKCA Chemistry Working Group are organising a short meeting with the UKESM team to prepare for the forthcoming code freeze (end 2021) in preparation for the development of UKESM2. The meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 26th, 0830-1100 GMT.

The aim is to familiarise the wider community with new code developments, to devise a strategy for the evaluation and assessment of UKESM2 and to identify if groups need help lodging code in the trunk. We anticipate that there will be an evaluation paper of the chemistry module for UKESM2 similar to Archibald et al., 2021 ( to which all contributors of new chemistry code in the UKESM2 trunk will be invited to contribute.

Please contact Paul or Gerd if you would like the Zoom link for this meeting.

0830 Welcome and plenary – expectations for UKESM2
Colin Jones, NCAS and UKESM Science and operational goals of UKESM2
Jane Mulcahy, UKESM Science Manager UKESM2 timeline and configurations
0900 Science advances
Steven Turnock, UK Met Office Cloud water pH and Sulphate Aerosol
Anthony Jones, UK Met Office Exploring the sensitivity of atmospheric nitrate concentrations to nitric acid uptake rate using the MetUM at vn11.7
The development of a 3 mode 2-moment dust scheme in UKCA for applications at global scales and regionally over east Asia
Ashok Luhar, CSIRO Improving ozone dry deposition to the ocean and lightning-produced NOx in UKCA
James Keeble, NCAS Cambridge Stratospheric O3 chem updates/fixes / CCMI
Garry Hayman, CEH Dry deposition in JULES
Zhenze Liu, University of Edinburgh Emissions and StratTrop++
Fiona O'Connor, Met Office Hadley Centre GLOMAP-FastJx coupling
Eddy Robertson, Met Office Hadley Centre N-cycle in JULES/UKESM
Joao Teixeira, Met Office Hadley Centre Coupling fire emissions to UKCA
Gerd Folberth, Met Office Hadley Centre BVOC-aerosol coupling + CH4 emissions
Olaf Morgenstern, NIWA Solar variability in UKCA
Scott Archer-Nicholls, Cambridge CRI-Strat: a new chemical mechanism for UKESM
James Weber, Cambridge Effects of different chemical mechanisms and the use of multiple Sec_Org tracers on SOA in UKESM
Ewa Bednarz, Lancaster Double Extended Stratosphere-Troposphere (DEST) scheme for comprehensive modelling of halogen chemistry in the atmosphere.
Technical talk
1015 Luke Abraham, NCAS Cambridge Lodging code – what you need to be aware of
1030 General Discussion / Priority setting for UKESM2 chemistry development