GLOMAP versions

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Mark Richardson created following table based on a poster from Graham and Masaru, they had provided on 1 April 2019, but recently revisited in conversation with Adrian Hill.

GLOMAP-mode version comment reference available in model
5.0 origin gmd 2010 paper
6.0R R means recalibrated x
7newprim primary emissions x
7newprim+dust Dust modal scheme and its ageing x vn11.0_dust_ageing
8.0 Aerosol in stratosphere and troposphere x vn11.0_updateGLOMAPtoDhomse14ACP
8.0+dust Dust modal scheme and its ageing x x
8.1 Cloud ice threshold for scavenging x vn11.0_ukca_glomap_bugfix_SECORGorgNPF (and 2 other)
8.2 Meteoric Smoke Particles (MSP) interaction x vn11.0_GLOMAPmode6matchMSPfromWACCM
8.3 Improvement of Evaporation of H2SO4 off MSPs x x
9.0) Hybrid Dissolution Solver (HyDiS) for Nitrate and Ammonia aerosols y x

Dr. Graham Mann has recently (Jan 2021) supplied the below documents with Dr. Masaru Yoshioka about GLOMAP code consolidation activity:

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