Change namelists for Cray compiler

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As noted in bug 51 #577 (MOSRS) the way that the Cray compiler deals with namelist content is different to the IBM XLF compiler. You might see this sort of error if you are not following the guidance on MONSooN IBM to Cray Transition

lib-4324 : UNRECOVERABLE library error'''
  The variable name '0.00000E+00,' is unrecognized in namelist input.
Encountered during a namelist READ from
Fortran unit 166 is connected to a sequential formatted text file unit 166

This is because CCE needs the namelist to be defined differently. Here is one difference:

user@xcml00:~/output> diff /projects/um1/vn8.6/ctldata/UKCA/radaer/nml_ac_lw /projects/um1/vn10.2/ctldata/UKCA/radaer/nml_ac_lw
< UKCA_ABSORPTION(0,0,0)       = 3.17732E-18,  6.98234E-18, 
> UKCA_ABSORPTION(0:50,0,0)    = 3.17732E-18,  6.98234E-18,

One method of dealing with this is to follow the advice provided in the MONSooN IBM to Cray Transition guidance as some files have been converted to "_new".

Note that the path in that example is no longer valid and the modified files are in


Another method is a change the path in the RADAER panel to point to the vn10.2 equivalents. This was done to get a vn8.6 job to run.

Difference in window atmos_Science_Section_UKCA_Rad
 -> Model Selection
   -> Atmosphere
     -> Scientific Parameters and Sections
       -> Section by section choices
         -> Section 34: UKCA Chemistry and Aerosols
           -> UKCA Chemistry Coupling
             -> MODE Aerosols in Radiation Scheme
Entry box: Directory path to UKCA_RADAER input files:
There are versions here that have been changed for Cray processing

18 Sep 2015