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This page covers bug and bugfixes found in various UKCA branches or jobs. This page will be updated whenever a new bug/bugfix is found.

You may also wish to look at the MONSooN IBM to Cray Transition page.

If you have any concerns, please contact Luke Abraham. If you think that you have found a bug, please report it to him, or alternatively you can add it to the bugfix talk page (or click on the discussion link above).

Compiler Bugs and Bugfixes

Cray compiler on HECToR XE6

Please also see advice from NCAS-CMS.

To allow the VN7.3_UKCA_CheM branch to compile, please include the following compiler file over-ride:


Cray compiler on ARCHER

To allow the VN7.3_UKCA_CheM branch to compile the following lines of code (around line 2986) in asad_chem_flux_diags.F90 need to be commented out or removed:

           write(cmessage,'(A20,A15,A45)') 'ASAD_FLUX_PUT_STASH ',&
                'copydiag ERR: ',&

Please see revision 13782.

You will also need to include the following machine compiler over-ride:


There are no specific UKCA hand-edits or over-rides required.

Code Bugs and Bugfixes

Corrections to VN7.3_UKCA_CheM branch

The latest revision number is 13783.

There have been four bugfixes to this branch, one correcting output units (revision 5887), one correcting conversion factors in any StratChem jobs (revision 6356), one correcting a bug win wet-deposition (revision 6791), and one fixing the ukca_transform_halogen routine (revision 9278) which affected the Total N tracer in Stratospheric Chemistry jobs. This also requires an update to the initialisation of this Total N tracer (tracer 4, 34004) - see below. Code changes required for ARCHER porting are at revision 13782. Also, there are incorrect rates for the O(1D)+N2O reactions, and these have been updated at revision 13783 (see below).

Scenario script on PUMA

This script is located at /home/ukca/bin/scenario.

This was giving incorrect values for CFC-11, CFC-12, and Methyl Bromide (CH3Br), the numbers being too high. This bug has been corrected as of 2011/10/18, but you should double-check your input scripts.

Incorrect JPL2011 rates for O(1D)+N2O

The rates for the two O(1D)+N2O reactions were incorrect. These have been updated in the VN7.3_UKCA_CheM branch ar revision 13783. The lines in ukca_chem1_dat.F90 should be

ratb_t('O(1D)     ','N2O       ','N2        ','O2        ','          ', &
'          ',  4.63E-11,  0.00,    -20.00, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000) , & !   JPL2011 
ratb_t('O(1D)     ','N2O       ','NO        ','NO        ','          ', &
'          ',  7.25E-11,  0.00,    -20.00, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000) , & !   JPL2011 

These can be found around line 1239.

UMUI Bugs and Bugfixes

UMUI Panel Settings

Total N tracer initial condition

The initial condition for the Total N tracer needs to be updated along with the fcm revision of the VN7.3_UKCA_CheM branch listed above. This file is in the same directory as the previous initial condition file, and is called CheS_init_NOy.anc. The UKCA UMUI jobs have been updated accordingly.

Lightning Emissions

Some jobs may be having issues with lightning NOx emissions. This will not affect all jobs, only those that take the section 0 prognostic cloud base height and cloud top height, rather than the section 5 diagnostic values (this can be checked in ukca_setd1defs.F90 or in the UKCA STASH hand-edit). If you need the section 0 prognostics, please make sure following is set:

  Model Selection --> 
    Atmosphere -->
      Scientific Parameters and Sections -->
        Section by section choices -->
          Section 5: Convection -->
            Continue (follow on window) -->
              "Apply time decay of convective clouds" = 0 

If this is not the case these two fields will be empty and there will be no lightning NOx produced by UKCA. This bug does not affect the VN7.3_UKCA_CheM branch, which uses section 5 diagnostics.

UMUI Hand-Edits

RADAER update

There is an issue with the following hand-edits on PUMA:


The line


should have been set to


which has now been done. However, if a personal copy of this hand-edit has been taken, it will also need to be corrected. If you have not taken a copy of this hand-edit the correction will be applied the next time your job is processed.