Who's who in UKCA


This is a directory of people who are using and developing UKCA.

Met Office

Climate Science

  • Colin Johnson. Manager of Mohit Dalvi and UKCA model developer.
  • Mohit Dalvi. JWCRP funded UKCA support.
  • Fiona O'Connor. Manager of Atmospheric Composition and Climate team.
  • Gerd Folberth. Interests include BVOC and regional climate modelling with UKCA.
  • Stephen Hardiman.
  • Stephanie Woodward.
  • Jim Haywood. Manager of Aerosols and Radiation group.
  • Ben Johnson. Working on aerosols and radiation.
  • Andy Jones. Working on aerosols and radiation.
  • Steve Rumbold. Implementing nitrate aerosol scheme in UKCA.

Weather Science

  • Nick Savage. UKCA code owner, chair of code management group. Using UKCA for air quality forecasting.
  • Paul Agnew. Manager Air Quaility and composition team. Interests include AQ forecasting and AQ-Health interactions.
  • Marie Tilbee. Using UKCA for air quality forecasting.
  • Lucy Davis. Using UKCA for air quality forecasting and AQ-Health interactions. Working on AQMEII-2 model intercomparison
  • Carlos Ordonez. Using UKCA for air quality forecasting. Developing new emission system for UKCA based on NetCDF inputs.

University of Cambridge

  • Luke Abraham. NCAS-CMS support for UKCA
  • Alexander Archibald. UKCA model developer. Lead CheST developer. Using UKCA to understand changes in composition from pre-industrial to present day.
  • Peter Braesicke
  • Paul Telford
  • Maria Russo
  • John Pyle

University of Leeds

  • Graham Mann.
  • Sandip Dhomse.
  • Kirsty Pringle.
  • Richard Pope. NCEO CASE student joint with the Met Office on Improving Chemical Weather Forecasts Using Satellite Data
  • Martin Chipperfield.
  • Ken Carslaw.

University of Oxford

  • Zak Kipling.
  • Rosalind West.
  • Phillip Stier.
  • Daniel Partridge