UKCA Release Jobs/GA7p1 UKCA UM109


UM10.9 GA7.1 + UKCA Strattrop (N96L85) CMIP6 (emiss and RCP) TS2014


Met Office (XCS): u-as976
Monsoon: None: u-as976 is easily portable by changing SITE and MONSOON_ACCOUNT values via rose edit

Base/ inherited configuration

UM10.9 GA7.1 UKCA Strat+Trop+GLOMAP TS2000 suite 'u-as022 .

Deviations from base (as022)

  • Emissions and RCP values are those corresponding to Y2014 from CMIP6 forcing data
  • Tunings for ozone chemistry as lodged under UM ticket 3622:
 * Remove HO2 + NO bimolecular reaction
 * Use Log(pressure) while distributing the Lightning NOx emissions 
  • Primary Marine Organic Aerosol (PMOA) emissions calculated online, based on Chlorophyll-A concentrations (ancil) as a proxy for marine productivity. This implies that the scaling factor (x1.7) applied to Ocean DMS concentratations (seadms_ems_scaling=1.7) is no longer required.
  • Technical changes: Removed GA7p1 as optional configuration and imported all settings into default configuration. Changes made to ease portability to Monsoon2 HPC system.


Note: Branches accompanied by a metadata change will be combined into a Config branch, a working copy used as the suite's meta= setting and for the runtime STASHmaster.

Branch name Description Metadata
vn10.9_ukca_remove_bimol_HO2_NO_rxn Removes the HO2+NO bi-mol reaction No
vn10.9_ukca_linox_fixratio Distributes Li-NOx emissions based on log(P) Yes
vn10.9_emission_max_files Increases the number of NetCDF emissions files to 100 Yes
vn10.9_ukca_q_min Applies a min. value filter to water vapour modified by UKCA chemistry No


The Met fields are beign initialised from the standard GA7 dump: /projects/ocean/hadgem3/initial/atmos/N96L85/ab642a.da19880901_00
The Aerosol and Chemistry tracers will initialise from a dump produced at the end of a 20-year spin-up run of the GA7.1+Strattrop AMIP run mi-aj670 - /data/d05/hadzm/dumps/aj670a.da20080901_00 (Monsoon2:/projects/ukca-admin/inputs/initial/N96eL85/aj670a.da20080901_00)


As broadly described in here. Actual filenames can be seen in namelist values below.

Settings (incl. namelist settings)

Y2014 Trace Gas Concentrations

  • These have been specified as per CMIP dataset v6.1.1 or Eyring et al 2016. See detailed description here
  • The Y2014 values seen by UKCA are from file placed at /home/d05/hadzm/job_files/scenario_files/CMIP6_TraceGas_2014.dat (same location for MetoCray and Monsoon2)

RUN_Radiation GHG values

  • Panel: Sec 01 02 Radiation => Gas MMRs => Varying Gas MMRs: Set l_climcfg=False and then specify these values in the Gas MMRs' panel:
Item Value Remarks
c113mmr 0.0
c114mmr 0.0
c11mmr 0.0
c12mmr 4.169E-09
ch4mmr 9.697e-07
co2_mmr 5.60232E-04
hcfc22mmr 0.0
hfc125mmr 0.0
hfc134ammr 2.851E-10
n2ommr 4.800E-07
o2mmr 0.2314

RUN_UKCA settings

Item Value Remarks
Important settings/ different from base job
dir_strat_aer '/home/d05/hadzm/job_files/SAD'
file_strat_aer 'CMIP_1850_2014_average_sad_v3_56_level.asc'
i_ukca_scenario 2 enables GHG/Trace gas values via user-defined (RCP-format) files
ukca_rcpdir '/home/d05/hadzm/job_files/scenario_files'
ukca_rcpfile 'CMIP6_TraceGas_2014.dat'
l_ukca_quasinewton .true.
i_ukca_quasinewton_end 3
i_ukca_quasinewton_start 2
l_ukca_h2o_feedback .true. Requires that:
[namelist:gen_phys_inputs] l_use_methox=.false.
l_ukca_limit_nat .true.
l_ukca_linox_logp .true.
l_ukca_prim_moc .true.
l_ukca_scale_seadms_ems .false.
ukca_em_files '$CMIP6_CHEM_EMS/'
Met Office:

CMIP6_CHEM_EMS = '/data/d02/hadtq/ancil/cmip6/AerosolChemistryEmissions/2014/v1.5/'
CMIP6_BIOG_EMS = '/data/d05/hadzm/ancil/n96e/ukca_emiss/cmip6_biog/an541'

CMIP6_CHEM_EMS = '/projects/ukca-meto/hadzm/ancil/n96e/cmip6/AeroChemEms/2014/v1.5'
CMIP6_BIOG_EMS = '/projects/ukca-meto/hadzm/ancil/n96e/cmip6/AeroChemEms/biog/an541'

Other settings, not usually modified
biom_aer_ems_scaling 2.0
chem_timestep 3600
fastjx_mode 1
fastjx_numwl 18
fastjx_prescutoff 20.0
i_mode_nzts 15
i_mode_setup 2 Sulp,ssalt,BC and OC in 5 modes, No Dust
i_ukca_chem 51
i_ukca_conserve_method 2
i_ukca_dms_flux 1
i_ukca_hiorder_scheme 0
i_ukca_photol 3
jvspec_dir '$UMDIR/vn$VN/ctldata/UKCA/fastj'
jvscat_file 'FJX_scat.dat'
jvspec_file 'FJX_spec_Nov11.dat'
l_bcoc_bf .true.
l_bcoc_bm .true.
l_bcoc_ff .true.
l_mode_bhn_on .true.
l_mode_bln_on .false.
l_ukca .true.
l_ukca_ageair .true.
l_ukca_aie1 .true.
l_ukca_aie2 .true.
l_ukca_arg_act .true.
l_ukca_asad_columns .false.
l_ukca_asad_plev .false.
l_ukca_chem_aero .true.
l_ukca_chem_plev .false.
l_ukca_dust .false. deactivated as i_mode_setup =2
l_ukca_het_psc .true.
l_ukca_ibvoc .false.
l_ukca_intdd .true.
l_ukca_mode .true.
l_ukca_new_emiss .true.
l_ukca_prescribech4 .false.
l_ukca_primbcoc .true.
l_ukca_primss .true.
l_ukca_primsu .true.
l_ukca_qch4inter .false.
l_ukca_radaer .true.
l_ukca_radaer_sustrat .true.
l_ukca_radch4 .true.
l_ukca_radf11 .false.
l_ukca_radf113 .false.
l_ukca_radf12 .false.
l_ukca_radf22 .false.
l_ukca_radn2o .true.
l_ukca_rado3 .true.
l_ukca_sa_clim .true.
l_ukca_scale_biom_aer_ems .true.
l_ukca_scale_soa_yield .true.
l_ukca_set_trace_gases .true.
l_ukca_sfix .false.
l_ukca_src_in_conservation .true.
l_ukca_trophet .false.
l_ukca_use_background_aerosol .true.
lightnox_scale_fac 0.5
mode_activation_dryr 37.5
mode_aitsol_cvscav 0.5
mode_incld_so2_rfrac 0.25
mode_parfrac 2.5
soa_yield_scaling 2.0
ukca_ccl4mmr ignored
ukca_cfc115mmr ignored
ukca_ch2br2mmr ignored
ukca_cosmmr ignored
ukca_h1202mmr ignored
ukca_h1211mmr ignored
ukca_h1301mmr ignored
ukca_h2402mmr ignored
ukca_h2mmr 3.4528E-08
ukca_hcfc141bmmr ignored
ukca_hcfc142bmmr ignored
ukca_mebrmmr ignored
ukca_meccl3mmr ignored
ukca_meclmmr ignored
ukca_n2mmr 7.5468E-01
ukcaaclw '$UMDIR/vn$VN/ctldata/UKCA/radaer/ga7_1/nml_ac_lw' in app/um/opt/rose-app-ga7p1.conf
ukcaacsw '$UMDIR/vn$VN/ctldata/UKCA/radaer/ga7_1/nml_ac_sw'
ukcaanlw '$UMDIR/vn$VN/ctldata/UKCA/radaer/ga7_1/nml_an_lw'
ukcaansw '$UMDIR/vn$VN/ctldata/UKCA/radaer/ga7_1/nml_an_sw'
ukcacrlw '$UMDIR/vn$VN/ctldata/UKCA/radaer/ga7_1/nml_cr_lw'
ukcacrsw '$UMDIR/vn$VN/ctldata/UKCA/radaer/ga7_1/nml_cr_sw'
ukcaprec '$UMDIR/vn$VN/ctldata/spectral/ga7_1/RADAER_pcalc.ukca'

STASH requests

Diagnostics Requested in u-as976 can be seen here. Note this suite has additional UKCA fields requested, over the standard GA7 ones.


UKCA evaluation suite output compared to u-an114 can be seen [here]
Output from the Met Office standard evaluation (Validation notes) package can be seen [here] (Internal link).