UKCA Chemistry and Aerosol Tutorial Rose Example


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This tutorial will give you a brief example of a Rose job at vn10.2.

You should not use the UKCA Tutorial Rose Suite for scientific studies. It is designed to be used as a training aid.

Running Rose

In PUMA, do

rosie go --prefix=puma

and in the search box search for puma-aa287.

You can then right-click and then copy this job. Click Forward and OK to do this.

Double-click on this job and you should then have the Rose GUI open-up.

Rose is organised rather differently from the UMUI, but it is searchable. Search for ncastr and then put your NCAS training account in the correct box, then click the save icon.

Now you will be able to run the job - click the Play icon (the right-facing triangle). The Cylc GUI will appear and show the progress of your job. You can click to expand all the steps.


  • 1) What is the run length of this run?
  • 2) What is the start date of this run?

Hint: Go to the suite conf: Initialisation and cycling panel. What do you see?

  • 3) Find the UKCA panel, and compare this to the UMUI UKCA panel. Are there any differences? What are they?
  • 4) Where is the data held on ARCHER?
  • 5) Can you find the ozone field that has been output?
  • 6) Compare this field to the ozone field from your tutorial job. What differences stand out?