Standard Stratospheric Chemistry


Stratospheric Chemistry - StratChem

The World Avoided by the Montreal Protocol: Temperature differences between a model run with 9ppbv of Cly and a reference run of 3.5ppbv comparable to 1990 levels. GRL 35 L16811 (2008)
Recovery of the ozone layer, taken from the CCMVal simulations.

41 species, 36 advected tracers, 169 reactions

This scheme is designed to be run on centennial time scales for studying climate-chemistry feedbacks and research into ozone depletion. It allows for interactive ozone from UKCA to be used in the model’s radiation scheme. This scheme has been run as part of the CCMVal model intercomparison for up to 150 years. It has a simple tropospheric chemistry running beneath the more complex stratospheric chemistry which considers the emission of 8 species. There are 34 photolysis reactions, 120 gas-phase reactions, and 5 heterogeneous reactions. This scheme is being further developed in HadGEM3-A, at both N96L85 and N48L60 resolution.