Redundant code


This page is a starting point for discussion on code which is not being used and can be considered for removal. At this stage no decisions about any of these pieces of code have been made but in time it will become a place to record when things are planned to be deleted and then when they are deleted.

Table of code proposed for deletion

Status should be "proposed" until agreed for deletion at a code management group meeting. However, you are encouraged to open a ticket with the milestone set to 'HOPEFULLY' as soon as you propose something here. If the proposal is rejected the ticket can be closed. Code that exists but it no longer used can be set to depreciated.


# Description Ticket Remarks Status Timeframe Owner
1 Old emissions code (that which uses ancil files) UM:#142 None Complete Nick Savage
2 Old dry deposition scheme UM:#2356 None DO NOT REMOVE It is still desirable to keep this scheme at present Luke Abraham
3 ukca_volume_mode.F90
quick method for calculating wet volume is not used.
UM:#2373 iwvolmethod removed. Complete Alan J Hewitt
4 ukca_strat_update.F90 - relax_ozone UM:#1505 None PROPOSED Medium-term Luke Abraham
5 Backward Euler Standard Tropospheric Chemistry UM:#1507 None PROPOSED Medium-term Fiona O'Connor
6 Wet oxidation of SO2 in GLOMAP None None PROPOSED
Colin Johnson
7 Retire l_conv_tke (Updraft velocity)
Introduced at UM:#1645
UM:#3668 Approval being sought for GA series (likely GA8)
GA7.0 GMED:#197 and GA7.1 GMED:#286
Ticket passed to Ian Boutle
PROPOSED Medium-term Ian Boutle
8 All backward Euler chemistry schemes None Note that this is only for the “hard-coded” BE schemes.
Quite a lot of work would be involved, but good as a longer-term aim.
Note that problems for AQUM would need to be addressed first.
PROPOSED Long-term Luke Abraham
9 Deprecated UKCA netcdf attribute options UM:#2513 'emission_type', string type attributes no longer recommeneded.
Need some time for most new code to adopt these.
Still used in AQUM rose stem files - will be removed in UM:#3985.
In the ancil ticket linked from #2513 ( it says that GA7 depends on the old format files, and as far as I know this is still true. In the 3-step timeline suggested, we haven't reached step 2 unfortunately. That ticket was about ensuring GA8 did not use the old attributes. I believe that GA8 is due for release in the next few months (it has been a very long time coming), so UM vn11.5 may be the last version at which GA7 is supported.
DEPRECATED Long-term Nick Savage
10 ASAD families chemistry None Families chemistry has not been used for many years (since at least UM6.1).
It is likely that it no longer works if turned on, and it complicates the code making other developments harder
DEPRECATED Short-term Luke Abraham
11 Dry deposition 9 PFT option UM:#4259 The 13 PFT option has been adopted for UKESM1.
The 9 PFT option is possibly not being used at all.
Proposed in June 2018.
Update - 9 PFT is not required.
This could be retired at the
same time that another
PFT option is added.
DEPRICATED Long-term Alan J Hewitt
12 Remove explicit C_SPECIES constants and calculate these from M_SPECIES and the mass of air None Will have wide-ranging rose-stem KGO breakages PROPOSED Short-term Luke Abraham
13 Remove temporary logical l_fix_nacl_density
Introduced at UM:#2405 by Colin Johnson
UM:#3490 Approval being sought for GA series (likely GA9)
PROPOSED Medium-term Jane Mulcahy
14 Remove temporary logical l_fix_nh4no3_equilibrium
Introduced at UM:#646
UM:#4382 l_fix_nh4no3_equilibrium removed Complete Pedro Molina-Jimenez
15 Remove temporary logical l_fix_ukca_impscav
Introduced at UM:#1421
UM:#4145 Approval being sought for GA series (likely GA9)
PROPOSED Medium-term Alan J Hewitt
16 Remove temporary logical l_fix_improve_drydep
Introduced at UM:#1250
UM:#3997 Approval being sought for GA series (likely GA9)
PROPOSED Medium-term Alan J Hewitt
17 Remove temporary logical l_fix_ukca_h2dd_x
Introduced at UM:#4157
UM:#4245 Approval being sought for GA series (likely GA9)
PROPOSED Medium-term Alan J Hewitt
18 Remove temporary logical l_fix_neg_pvol_wat
Introduced at UM:#4383
UM:#4416 Approval being sought for GA series (likely GA9)
PROPOSED Medium-term Alan J Hewitt
within UKCA not called within the UM:

SUBROUTINE asad_dealloc_chemdiag
FUNCTION cd_findspeciesloc
SUBROUTINE asad_lin_diagnostic
FUNCTION prcount
MODULE asad_inhet_mod and SUBROUTINE asad_inhet
MODULE asad_inphot_mod and SUBROUTINE asad_inphot
SUBROUTINE asad_mod_final
MODULE asad_ycn_mod and SUBROUTINE asad_ycn
SUBROUTINE activmkpdf
MODULE ukca_fixedsb_mod and SUBROUTINE ukca_fixedsb
SUBROUTINE deallocate_radaer_struct
SUBROUTINE ukca_relax_ozone
UM:#4512 Not called within UM
Need to decide whether any should be kept


Dont remove photolib/quanto1d_mod.F90 - leave photolysis schemes alone
Remove asad_emissn_mod in separate ticket
Complete Alan J Hewitt
within UKCA not called within the UM:

MODULE asad_emissn_mod and SUBROUTINE asad_emissn
MODULE asad_inemit_mod and SUBROUTINE asad_inemit
UM:#4827 Requires removing additional redundant emission code from ukca_chem_master.F90 vn11.3_remove_asad_emissn_mod Complete Alan J Hewitt
21 Remove code behind L_use_stratclim from ukca_fastjx_mod
Introduced prior to MOSRS
UM:#4854 This could either be properly included via a namelist or removed from the UM PROPOSED Medium-term Neal Carr
22 Remove temporary logical l_fix_ukca_input_meoh_emiss
Introduced at UM:#3031
UM:#4848 Approval being sought for GA series (likely GA9)
PROPOSED Medium-term Mohit Dalvi
23 Remove unused local and argument variables
This can be repeated at vn11.6
UM:#4832 Details on how to find these in UM:#4832 Complete Alan J Hewitt
24 Remove ability to use of Cambridge 2D model data from ukca_stratf.F90 PROPOSED Neal Carr

Table of code still desired but which is not tested

# Description Ticket Remarks Owner
1 Use of tropospheric (2D) look-up table photolysis Still useful to compare against FastJX. May be used for a "fast" configuration. Neal Carr
2 TropIsop chemistry configuration May be useful in a "fast" configuration & to drive GLOMAP-mode. Useful for low-top configurations.
3 Strat chemistry configuration Useful for stratospheric studies, particularly with a high model top.
4 Seven mode with dust
um:#5957 LFRic will use i_mode_setup=8
Tested from vn12.0
Tested from vn12.0
5 RADAER Maxwell-Garnett
um:#5957 From um:#5342, this will be prefered option in future
Tested from vn12.0
Tested from vn12.0