Nudging perpetual


A script is available to create a list of ERA datafiles for Nudging as a perpetual year. This will repeatedly link actual files for the fixed year as files for years required by the run. E.g. if the simulation is to be run using Y2000 conditions but for 20years with model start date at 1990, the script will cyclically link year 2000 ERA datafiles as separate files for each year between 1990-2009, into a local folder.

Note: currently on Monsoon2 the script will work with ERA-Interim forcing files. You will need to copy and adapt the script for other forcing datasets.


  • Met Office: /home/d05/hadzm/bin/ [-h] <-y fyr> <-s styr> <-n num> [-o odir]
  • Monsoon2 (ERA-Interim): /home/d05/hadzm/bin/ [-h] <-y fyr> <-s styr> <-n num> [-o odir]
  • ARCHER2 (ERA-5): $UMDIR/ukca/bin/ [-h] <-y fyr> <-s styr> <-n num> [-o odir]


 -h: prints this help message
 -y fxyr: (Required) Perpetual/ fixed year to be used for run
 -s styr: (Required) Start year of model run
 -n num : (Required) Length (num years) of model run
 -o odir: (Optional) Folder for the linked datafiles, default ./