Minutes of the code management group meeting 9/7/2013


Decision 1. Release of the CHEST+GLOMAP-mode stratospheric aerosol job will be postponed until December 2013.

Decision 2. The release of any job with GLOMAP-mode aerosols has been postponed until late September 2013.

Action 1. Andy and Graham to try and understand apparent differences in sea salt between their jobs.

Action 2. Colin to try and debug issues with ASAD at 8.4

Action 3. Colin to make vn8.4 job available on PUMA

Action 4. Mohit and Alex to check lightning NOx branches in the job used for the model assessment.

Decision 3. If a quick fix to improve tropospheric ozone and CO lifetimes can be found, still aim to release a CHEST job without aerosols by end of July. If however, the lightning NOx fixes are included in the job tested by Alex and are working, then postpone release of CHEST job until end September.

Action 5. Nick to circulate to Code management group and explanation for the board of the latest delay to releasing jobs to the community and then send to Professors and Strategic Heads.

Action 6. Nick to set up teleconference mid September to review progress.

Action 7. Nick to facilitate updates to be circulated at the end of July and August on these jobs.