Minutes of the code management group meeting 22/5/2013


Minutes of CMG meeting 22/05/2013:

Present: Nick Savage (NS), Luke Abraham (LA), Alex Archibald (AA), Zak Kipling (ZK), Graham Mann (GM), Colin Johnson (CJ) and Mohit Dalvi (MD).

NS: Shared release, 8.2 job, Originally wanted CheST_GLOMAP, however will need to have two jobs initially: CheT(TropIsop)+GLOMAP+dynamic rain – should be step towards to the UKCA component of ESM (lacking ENDGAME); and CheST standalone job.

CJ to check with Fiona about status of CheST+GLOMAP job.

Group discussion: Evaluation to be done on 3 model simulations: StratTrop (NLA to run), TropIsop+GLOMAP (MD) and CheST+GLOMAP (in the near future).

Decision as to which job/s to take by end of week commencing 27th May

Analysis of chemical fields (AA) and aerosol (GM) by end of June 2013.

NS: Updated on closed release version 8.5. Highlights ongoing issue with space problems in Section 34. Roseification going well. 8.6 will be next open release (Nov), 9.0 will be a closed release (Feb) which will not contain any (many) science updates, but will be the first Rose only release.

NS: Changes made for Roseification: 8.5+ there will be a single integer produced by UMUI to select the chemistry scheme (getting rid of logicals), the number of reactions etc are now removed from hand edit control (similar for photolysis).

Complete set of notes to be disseminated to CMG (NS to do before 8.5 released).

Discussion of a new, STASH based, method for tracer assignment.

NS: Discussion of 8.6 code changes: IBVOC is going to be lodged (Gerd Folberth to do), new netCDF emissions ancils (Carlos Ordonez to do), improving scavenging fixes (CJ to do), RADAER part 2 (Nicolas/Ben to do – minor updates), removing link to CLASSIC when GLOMAP on (MD to do), Rose updates part 2, tracers (NS to do), Sea salt fixes (GM to do), RCP scenarios to go in? (NS to discuss with LA), organic mediated nucleation code changes (GM to do).

AOB: No issues to report.