Minutes of the code management group meeting 2015-04-23: LFRic Coupling

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Teleconference details

  • Time 23rd April 2015, 14:00-16:00
  • UK primary no. 0844 8090936
  • UK freefone no. 0800 9171956
  • Participant PIN 16231039 then #


  • LFRic timeline (email attachement)
  • LFRic physics assessment (email attachment)
  • Overview document on implications of GungHo! coupling for UKCA by FOC and LA: Pdficon small.png GungHo_LFRic_UKCA_Jan2015.pdf Info circle.png
  • Draft document by LA & FOC outlining some possible options for organisation of the UKCA code for coupling to GungHo!/LFRic: Pdficon small.png UKCA–GungHo.pdf Info circle.png
  • Document by NS with his thoughts on coupling UKCA to LFRic: Pdficon small.png LFRIC_and_UKCA.pdf Info circle.png


  1. Overview of discussions with Ben Shipway, Marc Stringer, & Richard Hill - FOC & LA
  2. Overview of discussion with Matt Hort - FOC & LA
  3. Group discussion of Pdficon small.png UKCA–GungHo.pdf Info circle.png (coupling options) document - LA
    • Aim of discussion: Rank options in order of preference, and if possible also consider and sub-options
      UKCA code is distributed throughout the appropriate physics routines
      UKCA code is self contained within the LFRic source-tree
      UKCA is held within a separate code repository (a number of sub-options are available here)
  4. A.O.B./do not minute