Duplicating STASH between UM jobs


You may find it useful to be able to copy the STASH table between two UM jobs. This can be easily done by editing the UM basis file.

A UM basis file is generated when a UM job is exported. You will need to do this to both jobs, and it is recommended to work on a copy of the job which you are copying the STASH into.

  • Copy the job you wish to change the STASH of to a new UM job:
    UMUI -> Select job and experiment -> Job menu -> Copy
  • Open both jobs, the job you want to export the STASH from, and the new job you have just created
  • Click the Export button in both jobs. You can leave the names unchanged

You should now have two basis files.

Open both files in the text editor of your choice.

  • In the basis file of the job whose STASH you wish to copy, search for the phrase &a2321. This will find the namelist that contains all the specification that is held in the STASH. Specification of Diagnostic Requirements UMUI window. Select this text down to the first &END statement which terminates this namelist and copy it to the clipboard.
  • In the basis file of the job whose STASH you wish to replace, do the same as above, but delete this namelist, and replace it with the one copied to the clipboard.
  • You can now Import the basis file back into the job again.

This will now give the full specification of the STASH from the original job, as well as the TIME, DOMAIN, and USAGE profiles that may have been created/deleted in that job. The only thing it does not copy is the specification of the different UP streams, which point the output to different PP files. While it will still send the data to the same files, it will not copy the frequency of output. This can be edited manually, or you can copy over the namelist &i212 which contains this information, as well as how the job should be archived. If the same archiving does not need to be done, you should take to correct this before SUBMITting the job.