Actions from the code management group meeting 18/03/2014


UKCA Code Management Meeting, 18 February 2014 (tele-conference).

Met Office: Nick Savage (NS), Mohit Dalvi (MD), Jane Mulcahy (JM), Fiona O'Connor (FC)
Leeds: Graham Mann (GM)
Cambridge: Luke Abraham (LA), Alex Archibald (AA)

Apologies: Oxford: Zak Kipling (ZK)
Met Office: Colin Johnson(CJ)

Summary of action points arising in the meeting

  • FOC Carried forward from last meeting. Sensitivity test on importance of fixed CH4
  • FOC Create bug fix branch for lodging at 9.1 including MGLY+OH reaction rate, humidity bug in ACTIVATE, sedimentation bug fix, H2O calculation when passed into ASAD, Fastj-X bug fix.
  • CJ and FOC circulate plots of radical concentrations in stratosphere showing odd banded structure, including version with different photolysis scheme options
  • NS to add to this wiki a short explanation of the changes to activation of UKCA tracers at 9.0
  • NS Carried forward from last meeting. ensure all bug fixes at 9.0 are available at earlier UM versions where needed both for NCAS and Met Office.
  • GM Carried forward from last meeting. check 8.4 versus 7.3 GLOMAP-mode code and report any bug fixes to Mohit
  • LA Carried forward from last meeting. prepare talk on philosophy of diagnostic code for meeting in Exeter on 2nd April
  • CJ and GM Carried forward from last meeting. discuss way forward on aerosol chemistry and how to handle inconsistencies between chemistry schemes (CHET vs CHEST)
  • JM keep up dialog on sedimentation between Leeds and Met Office. Ongoing
  • JM Carried forward from last meeting.check up on status of checks for incorrect order of fields in 3D diagnostics and report any relevant information to all.
  • NS Circulate updated version of proposal on how to manage reporting, fixing and lodging of bug fixes including milestones.
  • NS Get GM and LA access to the ukca_bugs email box
  • NS Produce draft page on release jobs (CHEST+aerosol, CHET+aerosol) with sufficient cavaets and ciculate. Aim is to publish before UKCA exec.
  • ZK to circulate more details of failures with AEROCOM jobs. (full traceback, job ID). All to send any advice to Zak on things to try.
  • All to remember that Monsoon is intended as a development machine not for production runs. Consider submitting larger jobs to the low priority queue and/or having a seperate project and/or running on ARCHER.