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UKCA Wiki Help

While all pages on this Wiki are viewable, to be able to edit a page, you must first request an account.

Registering for a Wiki Account

You can register for an account here: Request an Account.

Please choose a log-in name and also give a brief description of yourself (minimum 10 words). This information is useful if an administrator does not know you, but is not used for anything else.

You will be asked (via email) to confirm your email address, which you will need to do before you can log in. Once this has been done an administrator will be sent a request to confirm your account.

When your account has been confirmed you will be emailed with a temporary password which you will be asked to change on your first time logging in.

You may get the error:

Login Error: There seems to be a problem with your login session; 
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Please hit "back" and reload the page you came from, then try again.

In this case just use the login box below to log-in, and continue using the site as normal. This may also happen if you need to re-set your password.

Wiki Help

For help with editing this Wiki, the information on the MediaWiki Help Pages is probably the best place to start.

When editing a page it is often helpful to click the Show preview button, rather than the Save page button the first time - this may help you catch any errors before they are committed. Also, see if the discussion page (reached via a tab at the top of the page) has any useful tips for the page that you are editing.

PDF Files

There is a template for use with pdf files, e.g.

{{pdf|Name_of_uploaded_pdf_file.pdf|Some Descriptive Text}}

So the formatting

{{pdf|NLA_NCAS_20091110-11.pdf|Chemistry in the Unified Model: Climate-Chemistry Studies with UKCA}}

would give

Pdficon small.png Chemistry in the Unified Model: Climate-Chemistry Studies with UKCA Info circle.png

LaTeX Math Formatting

LaTeX formatting is enabled, e.g.


Would give

For more help, please see WikiPedia's Help Page on Formulas. This page also describes the need for the \,\! syntax.

Discussion Pages

All pages have a discussion tab, which should be used for questions or discussion about pages. An example discussion can be seen by clicking on the 'discussion' tab at the top of this page.

When adding things to a discussion, please remember to add your username in the format

[[User:your_username|Your Name]]

and follow it with the date and time, e.g.

2010/06/02 11:06

If you require a fast reply to any queries, it is better to email someone in the UKCA team, for example, Luke Abraham.

Protected Pages

This page, and the homepage are both protected from editing. Please contact Luke Abraham or Nick Savage if you required anything on these pages to be changed.

Help with the UKCA Model

If you cannot find the help that you need with using UKCA from this website, please email Luke Abraham or Nick Savage.