GLOMAP versions

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This page will contain information on GLOMAP versions in the table below, e.g.

version & functionality
UM version
trunk version or branch (with ticket)
IFS version Other model... Another model...
Some functionality
UMvnX.Y trunk and later versions IFS version
Some more functionality
Some other information
Some other model version A different model version

Mark Richardson created following table based on a poster from Graham and Masaru, they had provided on 1 April 2019, but recently revisited in conversation with Adrian Hill.

GLOMAP-mode version comment reference available in model
5.0 origin gmd 2010 paper
6.0R R means recalibrated x
7newprim primary emissions x
7newprim+dust Dust modal scheme and its ageing x vn11.0_dust_ageing
8.0 Aerosol in stratosphere and troposphere x vn11.0_updateGLOMAPtoDhomse14ACP
8.0+dust Dust modal scheme and its ageing x x
8.1 Cloud ice threshold for scavenging x vn11.0_ukca_glomap_bugfix_SECORGorgNPF (and 2 other)
8.2 Meteoric Smoke Particles (MSP) interaction x vn11.0_GLOMAPmode6matchMSPfromWACCM
8.3 Improvement of Evaporation of H2SO4 off MSPs x x
9.0) Hybrid Dissolution Solver (HyDiS) for Nitrate and Ammonia aerosols y x

Dr. Graham Mann has recently (Jan 2021) supplied this joint poster with Dr. Masaru Yoshioka about GLOMAP code consolidation activity.

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